Power Warriors

WAR between GOOD and EVIL


Welcome to Power Warriors! This site is a roleplaying site based on Erin Hunter's Warriors  series. However, the story here is a little different. A few seasons after the other Clans left the forest we came and made our home here. With the arrival at the forest came strange powers, presumably granted by Starclan.  These powers effect every aspect of our lives, from simple hunting patrols to fighting on the battlefield. But now the four clans are not the only ones to share the forest. To the north of the clans dwells the mysterious Soul Pack. In the south lies the fercious Tribe of Blazing Fire. Outisde the borders, loners patrol and evil rogues lurk.

Spiritclan, Sparkclan, Taraclan, Pondclan, Tribe of Blazing Fire, Soul Pack, Rogue, Loner. There's also Deathclan, ask Mistyclaw if you are interested! The choice is yours. May Starclan light your path.    



So, I'm getting idea's from other sites to do certain things.

This lovely board is for my admins, Braveheart, Wintersong, and Branchleaf, to post whatever they want! -Flowingstar

Ok so, this wiki is honestly the most fun thing ever, besides this site. You make your own warriors fan fiction and post it, and you can get Leopardclaw (A.K.A best person ever) To help you through making your own character with the lineart they provide you! Once you get the knack of it, it's super super fun!! http://warriorsshare.wikia.com/wiki/Warriors_Share Click on the link! Help them out because many of their members have quit going on, so the site is slowly dying, but its so great that I want to get it going again!


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1. One power per cat, no matter what
2. Please come on at least once every week
3. No cussing
4. No god-modding (meaning you cannot be immortal or godlike)
5. Once a cat kills you, or goes for the death blow, please stop avoiding the attack
6. After you are killed, you die (you can make another cat after you are killed)
7. Don't spam
8.If you are going to be away, LET THE SITE EDITORS KNOW 
9.If a leader, deputy, or medicine cat is gone for two weeks WITHOUT NOTICE they will lose their position
10. Do not rp someone else's character
11. Try to be somewhat realistic (for example a kit cannot defeat a grown warrior)
12. You cannot kill someone unless they have been on that week



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